Anonymous exposure notification and digital health pass platform for consumers, businesses and government enabling a safer return to work and greater peace of mind.

Personal health security and management are now a part of all of our lives. While we have this collective responsibility, it need not come at the expense of our privacy. With Portum we can reduce our risk of infectious exposure and maintain our health privacy.


Why Portum

Private and Anonymous

Portum never actually knows who you are or where you've been. We cross-check encrypted proximity data to inform you if you've been at risk. The identity of anyone who may be infected is also completely private.

Easy to Use

Protect yourself and your workforce with the only independent exposure notification platform available in the App Store and Google Play.

Advanced Reporting

Powerful analytics to help businesses more effectively manage the health and safety of their workforces and reduce the associated costs.



Exposure Notification

Users are notified quickly if they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive.

Private By Design

We don't need to know who you are to keep you safe. Your location and identity stay with you.

Symptom Checker

Automate daily symptom checks and enable QR code access controls with the PortumPass.

Secure Vaccine Wallet

Store your vaccine information securely with easy access when you need it.

Advanced Reporting

Visual aggregated data on your workforce health and use insights to better manage your business.

Distancing Notifications

Automated notifications to help maintain safe distancing protocols between employees.

Portum SafeHarbor

Our Health passport creating safe places for the nextnormal

John David Marshall

CEO of World Ethical Data Forum

It is now well understood that technology companies must take seriously the ethical dimensions of their corporate behaviour.

Tony Blair

Former British PM

Prepare for a form of health passport now. It’s the only way the world will function and for lockdowns to no longer be the sole course of action.

Dr. Philip Smeltzer

President, International Association for Worksite Health Promotion

A digital health solution for employees will allow for a convenient engagement at home, work location or any location.


How is my privacy protected?

Portum is built on the Ethical Tracer Platform designed specifically to protect user privacy. The system does not collect or share any location data or personal data with anyone period.

Is Portum a contact tracing app?

No. Contact tracing identifies those who have been in contact with a person who tests positive. Since Portum does not collect any personal information, neither we nor any other entity knows your identity or the identity of anyone you have been in contact with.

How does the Portum app user know they were exposed to a user who has tested positive?

When a positive test result has been entered into the system, an anonymous exposure notification will go out to any device that has been in close contact with that user's device for 15 minutes or longer.

Does the Portum app work on any phone?

The Portum app will work on most IOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets. It is best to have the most updated version of the software available. Our staff is constantly updating the system to support as many models and versions to provide the most robust solution possible.

What is a SafeHarbor?

A SafeHarbor is any location that you designate within the app where you want Portum working to protect you. Unlike Apple or Google Maps, we don't know your identity and we don't track you everywhere you go. You decide where you want to feel safe, make it a SafeHarbor, and Portum works to reduce your risk in those locations.

Will people know if I test positive?

No. Portum does not share any information about you with anyone else. When a person receives a notification about possible exposure, they will only know that someone they were close to in the last 14 days has tested positive. They won’t know who the person was or where the exposure occurred.

Is Portum a vaccine passport?

Portum offers a safe and secure digital health wallet for storing your vaccine information.

How is Portum different from my state's exposure notification app?

Portum is built on the Ethical Tracer Platform designed to meet the highest standards for privacy as set forth by the World Ethical Data Foundation. Second, your protection with Portum does not stop at the state line. Third, Portum is designed to help you assess what you are capable of participating in based on your health status. You are in control.

Can users see each other's location?

No, no one can see anyone's location.

What is the QR used for?

Portum allows you to automate daily health checks and present a QR code to participating businesses that require this information.

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