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Portum provides healthy, safe spaces for employees and employers. Our digital health passport gets individuals, businesses and governments back to work.

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Systemic change is needed right now. Companies have a social responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to keep their employees and visitors safe.


Why Portum

Secure and Compliant

Portum anonymously logs contact with other users through a safe Bluetooth connection. These data never leave the user’s phone. Passive, secure, and anonymous protection

Pathway to health

Convenient, proactive, peace of mind. Supporting employees to monitor their vaccines, tests, exposure and symptoms. Safe spaces & healthy places.

Advanced Reporting

Dashboard featuring predictive analytics enable employers to keep staff safe, and businesses to get on with their business.

Safe Harbors



Custom designated “safe harbors” per customer, with options to change branding and integrate with other existing business and HR tools.

Predictive Analytics

Custom machine learning algorithms help better manage business impact of health issues.

Pathway to health

Provide a proactive helping hand to employees on a journey to wellness after exposure. Configurable HR workflows.

Access Control

Access control, enhanced security for employees and visitors. Simple registration and pre-qualification for facility access.

Advanced Reporting

Standard dashboards. API for raw data analysis with customers reporting suite of choice.


Portum integration protects employees and provides a standard of care in good faith, in keeping with corporate values.

Portum Safe Harbor

Our Health passport creating safe places for the nextnormal

John David Marshall

CEO of World Ethical Data Forum

It is now well understood that technology companies must take seriously the ethical dimensions of their corporate behaviour. Portum’s commitment to WEDF, to transparency, to the fostering of trust in an increasingly alarmed population as civil liberties are constrained, and to the development of a technology which, rightly done, stands to do enormous good, is hopefully a bellwether for the industry at large. Their emphasis on privacy, data security, and user anonymity is extremely encouraging.

Tony Blair

Former British PM

“Prepare for a form of health passport now.It’s the only way the world will function and for lockdowns to no longer be the sole course of action.”

Dr. Philip Smeltzer

President, International Association for Worksite Health Promotion

“A digital health solution for employees will allow for convenient engagement at home, work location or any location. A total health solution beyond the immediate concern of an infectious disease builds value for the employee and family.”


Is the identity of a Portum app user revealed to another user?

No. Key exchanges are encrypted and anonymous.

Will the app work in any Portum Zone or just in a network where I am a subscriber?

The Portum app will recognize entry into any Portum zone and a user will receive a notification upon entry.

How does a Portum app user know they were exposed to a user with Covid-19?

A Portum app user will receive a notification when a validated positive test result has been approved in the system in which their proximity to that users' device has been established at the exposure risk threshold set by the Zone administrator.

Does the Portum app work on any phone?

The Portum app will work on most industry leading smartphone models. It is best to have the most updated version of the software available. Our staff is constantly updating the system to support as many models and versions to provide the most robust solution possible.

How can my organization sign up to use the system?

Please utilize the contact page on our portum.me website and an account rep will respond within 24 hrs.

How do users access the app?

We will send the app via an MDM solution ,we will need users email address. Users then use this same email address to login.

We use a Single Sign on at work, can i use this to login?

Yes we can integrate with whatever is authorising the sign in.

How do we setup a zone?

We just the building address and we can do the rest.

Can users see each others location?

No , in fact only a user’s own phone can see their location the rest is fully encrypted.

Do I have to share medical data?

Each company can set their own policies.

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